From the year 2007, I’m trying to make a usefull site.

the latest atempt to give you a nice site crashed for a reason I do not know. Now I’m using wordpress and hope this will stay stable and give you everything I like to offer you.

As you can see, I’m offering you songs that contains a first name of a person, but I’m also listing songs that contains Artist, cause these are persons aswell.
Some songs look like they have a persons name, but are not a person. these songs are listed as “not a person”.

The Namelyrics website respects all worldwide religions. A lot of Religious songs (gospels) contains names.
Every religion has their own name for ‘god’, but that name is not given to a person, so these songs will not be listed.
The name Jesus (dutch = Jezus) is given to alot of persons, like the name mohammed is used a lot in the arab cultures,
Gospels that contains these and other names will be listed under ‘Gospels Worldwide’

If you have a song that is not listed, please tell me in a coment on the “Tell Me” page.

You also can rate a song, and I hope you will do so.

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This site is a non-profit site and all the video’s that are published are NOT owned by namelyrics. If you can’t view the video, do visit the videosite.

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